How would much time and money would you save if all your web and phone enquiries were automatically distributed to the right person to do the job?

Imagine the time you would save ringing round or waiting for someone to respond to an SMS… while your potential customer is also waiting..or so you hope! More likely they have found someone who can help them and booked the job.

With Empwr™ by Opus Systems all enquiries are automatically assigned to a Service Provider based upon a number of pre-set conditions such as location, service type, skill level, availability, etc.
There is also the option to send the job to an “up for grabs’ section where the Service Providers can simply grab the job themselves.

Once a Service Provider accepts a job they get the full customer details and a link to the location via a single click through to Google Maps. This opens up a world of opportunities for route and time planning.

  • Webform collection and aggregation of client enquiries, and automatic allocation of enquiries for work directly to the relevant franchise/operator (based on your own business logic).
  • CRM system for client interactions and central repository of franchisees information and data.
  • Reporting of all aspects (enquires taken, jobs allocated, jobs by suburb or postcode, list of franchisees etc)
  • API compatibility to further enhance the software (Google Maps, Mailchimp, Accounting packages etc).

Empwr™ can be customised to suit all franchise systems, and client facing web forms tailored to your business requirements.  The web form sits on your current website, and these interact directly with Opus to automate and simplify web based enquiry taking and allocation.  Once Empwr™ is installed and set up to your requirements, everything works automatically.

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